A few of My Favorite Blogs!

I have been inspired by several different Bloggers on my Journey to create my own blog. I thought I would take the time to share some talented bloggers with you. If you’re not already following these amazing people hopefully you will after reading this post.

My all time favorite blogger is Melissa Jill Photography. Melissa is a very Talented Photographer based out of Arizona. You may have seen her work on my facebook page. We hired the Very talented Melissa Jill to photograph our Wedding day on 10-10-10. I dreamed of having Melissa photograph our wedding. My husband made this dream reality for our special day.
You can follow Melissa Jill at

Kindra Hall Tells All is another one of my favorite Blogs to follow. Kindra is based out of Arizona and is an amazing Story teller. Vinny and I also used Kindra's Story telling abilities to tell the story of our love for our Wedding Day. What I love about Kindras blog is that her personality pours out in her writing. She has a way of making you feel like your right there in her story. Kindra is available for hire for story writing for Weddings, one on one coaching, and performance & Festivals.
You can follow Kindra Hall at

One of my new favorite blogs to follow is Frugal with a Flourish by Jess. This blog is full of lots of fun creative ideas for (DIY)Do It Yourself projects. Jess's blog inspires me and gives me lots of great ideas for my upcoming House.
You can follow Jess at

If you are interested in a variety of different ideas for your home such as organization, design and (DIY) projects you can follow Megan at her Honey Were Home blog. I recently came across this blog and fell in love with it instantly. Megan puts a lot of her personality and colorful ideas into this blog.
You can follow Megan at

Last but not least a new blogger that is up and coming is a friend and sorority sister of mine Meghan Bowman. Meghan has jumped in and started her own business in Photography. Megahan owns Keeping Focus Photography. While she enjoys doing engagement and wedding photo shoots, Meghan is really passionate about shooting the Munchkins. I have fallen in love with her Maternity Photos.
If you want to learn more about Meghan you can follow her at http://keepingfocusphotography.blogspot.com/

These bloggers inspire me with their work and also provide me with some ideas for DIY projects. Maybe they will inspire you too!