We survived Scooters in Bermuda

Life as a Wife...

Our First Journey began on a boat.. Yes, a boat...My husband wore a shirt that said, "I'm on a boat."
That is my husband. Goofy and a big kid at times but he is my husband.
Our Honeymoon is the first Vacation Vinny and I have had together. We decided to take an 8 day cruise to the Virgin Islands. We were going to visit 4 different ports on our Cruise: Bermuda, St.Lucia, Antigua and St. Thomas.

Bermuda was our first Stop.

The morning we landed in Bermuda was amazing. We woke up and had breakfast on our balcony. Our room overlooked the back of the boat. All we could see was aqua blue for miles. It was surreal. After breakfast we headed out to explore the beautiful island of Bermuda.
As we departed from the ship we walked into town and were greeted by a woman with flyers for Scooter rentals. We had not booked an excursion for this port so we jumped at the chance of exploring the island on scooters. As we entered the store I noticed a pink helmet and immediately got excited. I LOVE the color Pink. After we picked up our helmets we filled out the paperwork and headed to the back of the building for our practice ride. Vinny and I were both new to riding scooters so we decided to rent our own. The employee showed us over to our bikes.
Vinny was a little rocky at first but had a successful first run. I was next.
I had butterflies in my stomach. I kept imagining a few years back when I was riding a bicycle down a hill and the handle bar was broken. I flew off the bike and was banged up pretty bad. my palms were sweaty, I was so nervous.
The road was made up of gravel and there were chickens running around. Even though there were several distractions I sucked up my fear and got on the scooter. As I gave the bike gas I began to go. And go. And go. I couldn't stop. I couldn't help but lean to the left and in the distance I could hear the employee yelling brake, use the brakes. I was about to crash the scooter into the post and possibly a chicken. I stopped the bike and hoped off immediately.
I was terrified... I told Vinny I couldn't do it.

Being the supportive husband Vinny is, he said, "Okay no problem." We went back in the scooter store returned the pink helmet and got our money refunded.
After we left the store we began walking around the little town. I was crying and upset with myself for not being able to ride the scooter. Vinny reassured me that it was okay and not to worry about it. As we began walking around the town we saw another scooter rental shop. I started thinking to myself maybe I should try again. I was reminiscing on the old bike accident and I needed to get back on the saddle and try it again. After a few minutes of contemplation I decided to give it another go.
The second time around I didn't get a pink helmet, but I didn't have to ride by chickens or on a gravel road either. I was able to do my practice ride on the street. An employee came over and helped me onto my bike and showed me how to use gas and brakes. I took a deep breath and took my practice run on the road. As I began to ride I could feel the cool sea breeze on my face. As I turned the corner I could see Vinny's face and I slowly brought my bike back to the shop. “I did it," I said with excitement. Vinny smiled and we went in the shop to fill out our papers and get our own Scooters for the day.
We rode those scooters all over Bermuda. It was the first time in a long time I could remember feeling so free. Not a worry in the world. As I was riding around Bermuda with the breeze on my face, I couldn't help but smile. I was loving life. The Ocean, the view, Vinny. It was an amazing day.

I'm so thankful that I went back and tried again.

Vinny and I had an amazing day in Bermuda the scooter process was just one small hiccup in our day. We rode all over town and went to a beautiful beach called Horseshoe Bay. The beach had pink sand from the coral. It was beautiful. Bermuda was our favorite island out of all four islands that we visited. Sometimes in life the unplanned events are the most enjoyable adventures.



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