Puppy Love

This post is dedicated to my friends who lost one of their family members this week, their pug Chloe.

If you asked me a few years ago if I wanted a puppy, I would have replied, "Yeah,.. maybe... One day.."

My Husband however was determined to have a dog from the moment I met him. Vinny grew up in a family who loves dogs. Since Vinny was born the Panettiere House has always had a furry member in the family.
When Vinny left for the Marine Corp he left behind his 2 furry family members; Dallas and Bella, his Boxers. Vinny knew he would have a dog of his own one day.

I took a little more convincing to get a dog because I didn't grow up with any furry friends in my family. In April of 2009, I fell in love with the Movie Marley and Me. I was not thrilled about a Lab that chewed everything up but I was in love with the story and how much the dog became a part of their family. I was convinced at that moment that one day I would have a puppy.

On January 9th, as I walked through the door our eyes met. Her big brown eyes met mine and I was SOLD. I was drawn to her from the moment I met her. She was going to be my puppy. I looked back at Vinny,(I must have seemed like a little girl staring at the puppy in the Window)
I smiled from ear to ear and asked," Can we have her?"

Vinny saw the look on my face. There was no turning back.. She was Ours. We signed papers and took our new furry member home. I could see the smile on Vinny's face as we drove home that Saturday. He had a dog again.

We named our first furry family member Penny. At first I loved the name because I wanted to call her my Pretty Penny, a few weeks later I gave her a new nickname Penny Poopers.

The amazing thing that I have learned about dogs is they love you unconditionally no matter what. They don't care how much money you make or how big your house is. They love you each and every day just the same. When I get home from work no matter how good or bad my day has been my Penny Poopers greets me at the door with her little tail wagging back and forth. She reminds me that I am loved and whatever happened that day good or bad she loves me and is happy to see me.

I can’t imagine our life without her. She is our family.

Our furry member Penny.


25 Random Moments

Life as a Wife...

This post was inspired by the Very Talented Kindra Hall.

1. When I was in 1st Grade a classmate of mine told me she was related to The New Kids on the Block. I was a huge FAN! My classmate told me that she would have Jonathan (who was my favorite) come to my house and pick me up in a limo that night. I went home from school that day and waited by the window for the limo to pull up. That night my mom told me to come sit down for dinner and broke the news to me that the classmate was lying to me and she was not related to The New Kids on the Block. My first gullible moment, but not my last.

2. In 4th Grade my teacher Mrs. O'Reilly turned me onto reading by introducing me to the Book Series called The Box Car Children.

3. When I was in 8th Grade I entered a lip-synching contest at a Fair. I chose to Lip-synch to Mariah Carey’s song “Honey.” I got up on the stage with no fear and danced my little heart out singing the tunes to Mariah Carey. I was runner up to a half naked Marine who sang “I’m too Sexy for my shirt, with lots of vulgar movement.

4. I had my first Celebrity meet and greet at a Movie premier in college. My roommate Jill and I received free passes on campus to view the movie Hot Chick at a local theater in down town Tempe, AZ. After the movie we had the opportunity to meet and have photos taken with Rob Schneider and Anna Ferris.

5. I hate Scary Movies. I’ve never seen the movie Exorcism and I never intend to.

6. The first Concert I ever went to was NSYNC.

7. One of my favorite quotes is “Why are you Trying so hard to fit in, when you were born to Stand out.” From the Movie What A Girl Wants. When I moved from Japan to the States Sophomore year of high school I had some great fashion and awesome clothes from stores overseas. In 2000 I moved back when Abercrombie and Fitch clothes were popular. I got rid of all of my unique clothes to fit in. I remember a friend of mines sister asking why I changed my wardrobe I had dressed so cute before. This moment was one I’ll never forget. It taught me to always be True to Myself.

8. My hair has been just about every color, from Blonde, brown, red, purple, and platinum, even orange. Needless to say my husband will never get bored. 

9. My favorite place on earth to be is on the Beach.

10. My husband has made me a pizza snob. I never understood why he wouldn’t eat pizza in Virginia from Dominos or Papa John’s. Then I had my first slice from a pizzaria in Queens, that’s all it took. One slice and now I’m hooked.

11. In High school I was on the Poms dance squad. I use to get made fun of for making the funny faces during performances. I use to wink my eye a lot. I won an award for best facials my senior year.

12. In college I pledged the Gamma Phi Beta house at ASU. I met some of my best friends through Gamma Phi. Years Later I found out that Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow were Gamma Phi’s too.

13. I planned my entire Ceremony down to the second and surprised my husband during our ceremony with a story read by our closest friends and family. The look on his face was one I will never forget.

14. one of the last songs played at my wedding was from Taylor swift,” Today was a Very Tale.”

15. Growing up I use to blast my music and dance around my room in my underwear. When No one is home I still do!

15. In elementary school I asked my dad if I could wash his brand new van to make some money to go to the movies with a friend. He agreed. 2 hours later I heard my Dad yell Danielle Marie White… I knew I was in trouble... what did I do…
I had washed his Brand New Windstar van with a Green Brillo Pad. I got my butt beat for it. Later my dad apologized when he realized I didn’t know it would scratch the vehicle.

16. I hate Coffee. I hate the smell, the taste. YUCK... I know I love my husband because I still kiss him even when he has coffee breath.

17. When I was a little Girl I made my Grandfather a crown and neckless out of Leaves in his backyard. A few hours later he was rushed to the ER because I had made the Crown and necklace out of Poison Ivy. I was only 3.

18. My favorite actress is Rachel McAdams.

19. I have been told by several people that they Love my Laugh. I have a very loud and hearty laugh.

20. I love Reality TV.

21. I have kept every letter I ever received in middle and High School.

22. When I was in 7th grade I was suspended from school for writing I love Anthony in the Locker Room. I was told I had vandalized school property.

23. One of my most embarrassing moments happened when I was working at the Bamboo Club in college. I thought a friend of mine was sitting at the bar and I went up and gave his ass a grab. The guy turned around and looked at me and smiled. I was mortified it was not my friend it was someone who looked just like him. Looking back I’m able to laugh at the moment but I was so embarrassed at the time.

24. One of the meanest things I did was in elementary school. I was teased by a few guys who played basketball in the neighborhood. They would always ask me to run home and get them something to drink or eat. I don’t know why I did it. One day they threw a basketball at me and then asked me to go get them something to drink. I was mad this time. I went home got a disposable cup and filled it with water from the toilet and put ice in the cup and gave it to the guy to drink. Definitely not my proudest moments but at 13 it felt damn good.

25. I tend to Cheer for the Underdog in any competition.

I had a lot of fun remembering some of these Random Moments. Took me back. I hope I was able to get at least one laugh!

101 in 1001

Since my wedding in October I have suddenly found myself with more time on my hands. I have been following a few blogs for a couple years now and I have wanted to create my own personal 101 goals in 1001 days.My goals are a bit more personal then business oriented. If you are interested in creating your own 101 in 1000 click here http://dayzeroproject.com/.

I'm still thinking about a few more goals for myself.

Here is my list so far...

101 Goals in 1001 days.

Start Date: October 15, 2010
End Date: July 12, 2013

1. Pay off Navy Federal Credit Cards-
2. Go Snowboarding or Skiing-
3. Learn to Blog- do it once a week.
4. Take a Baking Class-
5. Go on a Picnic-
6. Travel to Italy with Vinny- (WISHFUL –STRETCH)
7. Go to the Rock climbing wall with Becky from Work-
8. Go on a fun getaway with Mom-
9. See a Broadway play in New York-
10. Have Rachael and Rick over for Dinner-
11. Go to a Concert-
12. Get a second tattoo- on foot
13. See the top of the Empire State Building- (Completed 10/21/10)
14. Visit the Statue of Liberty-
15. Lose weight- (Goal 40 Pounds)-
16. Create 2 Wedding photo books for Parents-
17. Sign up for a 5k-
18. Redecorate Living room-
19. Make a scrap book of Our Honey Moon-
20 Start writing letters to Kelly- Pin pal again for fun :)
21. Pay off Car Loan-
22. Get a list of All Family Members Birthdays and send out Birthday Cards-
23. Visit Meredith in Chicago-
24. Take a road trip up North to Boston and Maine-
25. East Lobster in Maine-
26. Visit Niagara Falls-
27 Put Money aside in Savings for 1 year-
28. Watch a dance concert of Kate’s in NYC- Completed 11/19/10
29. Start my masters Degree-
30. Start a food Journal and write in it 30 days consecutive-
31. Get to the Dentist-
32. Get Teeth Whitened
33. Take a trip with Abbi, Kate, and Meredith-
35. Go to a SPA with a friend-
36. Go in a helicopter ride in NYC-
37. Send flowers to a friend- Just because-
38. Keep in touch with Friends-
39. Attend High School reunion-
40. Hike Camel back Mountain- When Visiting Arizona-
41. Eat Desert at Serendipity in New York -
42. Host a Wine Night at the Apartment-
43. Visit the Smithsonian museum in DC with Vinny-
45. Take a cruise to Alaska-
46. Visit San Francisco-
47. Go on a shopping Spree-
48. Visit Heidi’s home in South Carolina-
49. Go to Walt Disney World-
50. Go with Vinny to the Grand Canyon-
51. Rent a Beach House for a week-
52. Put together scrap book for High school and College -
53. Visit Virginia Beach-
54. Eat a Philly Cheese steak in Philly-
55. Make Thanksgiving Dinner for family 1 year
56. Make Homemade Italian Cheesecake for Vinny
57. Own a louis vuitton bag-
58. Learn how to Skype-
59. Buy a Mac -
61. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York-
62. Take a Photography class-
63. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s-
64. Visit Abbi when Baby is born-
65. Go to Lindsey’s Wedding in Phoenix-
66. Attend the Marine Corp ball in 2011-
67. Visit Hershey Park-
68. Take a Trip to Ohio to Visit family and my new cousin Jacob-
69. Buy new Furniture
70. - Baby- Maybe -

We survived Scooters in Bermuda

Life as a Wife...

Our First Journey began on a boat.. Yes, a boat...My husband wore a shirt that said, "I'm on a boat."
That is my husband. Goofy and a big kid at times but he is my husband.
Our Honeymoon is the first Vacation Vinny and I have had together. We decided to take an 8 day cruise to the Virgin Islands. We were going to visit 4 different ports on our Cruise: Bermuda, St.Lucia, Antigua and St. Thomas.

Bermuda was our first Stop.

The morning we landed in Bermuda was amazing. We woke up and had breakfast on our balcony. Our room overlooked the back of the boat. All we could see was aqua blue for miles. It was surreal. After breakfast we headed out to explore the beautiful island of Bermuda.
As we departed from the ship we walked into town and were greeted by a woman with flyers for Scooter rentals. We had not booked an excursion for this port so we jumped at the chance of exploring the island on scooters. As we entered the store I noticed a pink helmet and immediately got excited. I LOVE the color Pink. After we picked up our helmets we filled out the paperwork and headed to the back of the building for our practice ride. Vinny and I were both new to riding scooters so we decided to rent our own. The employee showed us over to our bikes.
Vinny was a little rocky at first but had a successful first run. I was next.
I had butterflies in my stomach. I kept imagining a few years back when I was riding a bicycle down a hill and the handle bar was broken. I flew off the bike and was banged up pretty bad. my palms were sweaty, I was so nervous.
The road was made up of gravel and there were chickens running around. Even though there were several distractions I sucked up my fear and got on the scooter. As I gave the bike gas I began to go. And go. And go. I couldn't stop. I couldn't help but lean to the left and in the distance I could hear the employee yelling brake, use the brakes. I was about to crash the scooter into the post and possibly a chicken. I stopped the bike and hoped off immediately.
I was terrified... I told Vinny I couldn't do it.

Being the supportive husband Vinny is, he said, "Okay no problem." We went back in the scooter store returned the pink helmet and got our money refunded.
After we left the store we began walking around the little town. I was crying and upset with myself for not being able to ride the scooter. Vinny reassured me that it was okay and not to worry about it. As we began walking around the town we saw another scooter rental shop. I started thinking to myself maybe I should try again. I was reminiscing on the old bike accident and I needed to get back on the saddle and try it again. After a few minutes of contemplation I decided to give it another go.
The second time around I didn't get a pink helmet, but I didn't have to ride by chickens or on a gravel road either. I was able to do my practice ride on the street. An employee came over and helped me onto my bike and showed me how to use gas and brakes. I took a deep breath and took my practice run on the road. As I began to ride I could feel the cool sea breeze on my face. As I turned the corner I could see Vinny's face and I slowly brought my bike back to the shop. “I did it," I said with excitement. Vinny smiled and we went in the shop to fill out our papers and get our own Scooters for the day.
We rode those scooters all over Bermuda. It was the first time in a long time I could remember feeling so free. Not a worry in the world. As I was riding around Bermuda with the breeze on my face, I couldn't help but smile. I was loving life. The Ocean, the view, Vinny. It was an amazing day.

I'm so thankful that I went back and tried again.

Vinny and I had an amazing day in Bermuda the scooter process was just one small hiccup in our day. We rode all over town and went to a beautiful beach called Horseshoe Bay. The beach had pink sand from the coral. It was beautiful. Bermuda was our favorite island out of all four islands that we visited. Sometimes in life the unplanned events are the most enjoyable adventures.



Week 4 and 5

Week 4 and 5 have been busy in my personal life and I'm trying to stick with good eating habbits and working out. This Blog I thought I would share a little bit of what's been going on with me.

During week 4 our team had an outing to go Rollerskating. It was the night before my birthday and we thought it would be a great way to get some Cardio in and enjoy eachothers company outside the gym. When we arrived we all realized it was a very busy night.In Stafford Virginia Cavilar Rollerskating Rink was the place to be if you were a kid. That Saturday Cavilar Skating Rink was holding an All Nighter.. The rink was open from 8pm- 6am. We arrived around 9:30pm and left around 1am. We burned some calories that night. The bad part of the night was when my Trainer from the Be a Loser program went flying over some guy who stopped in the middle of the rink and landed on her elbow. She is now in a cast for 3 weeks. ( The guy was so rude he didn't even stop to help her up.) Sorry Stephanie!!!!

Week 5 was a short 1 day meeting with our Trainer. Due to the injury that Saturday Night Stepahnie had to go to the Dr.s. On Tuesday I found out my Fiance Vinny's Aunt Cindy passed away. We headed up to New York to be with his family.

Week 4 and 5 I dropped a few pounds but maintained my weight for the most part. Things are still going really good. I have lost over 20 inches all around and am still going strong.. Look out for the next posting for week 6 and 7!


My First 5 k

I am very proud to say that I ran my first 5K last Saturday March 6, 2010. All week prior to the run I had been so nervous. I kept imagining what the path would look like. Would I be going up hill or down hill. Would I fall down and get injured or pull a muscle. These thoughts ran through my head all week.

I had decided on friday that I had only one goal that I wanted to achieve during the race which was to run the entire race. Now let me first say I did not sprint nor did I run very fast but I never gave up I kept jogging along. The first lap was the easiest and then slowly my time kept increasing and it became a bit harder on my legs.Each mile I became more confident that I was going to run the entire 5k.

Before we ran we had a guest speaker come out to the race. The woman who won 1st place for the BE A LOSER competition in 2009. She looked Fantastic. She was sharing momments from her experience last year and also gave some great motivating quotes. One Piece of advice that stuck with me was that during the run she took time to reflect back on what got her to this point. I thought about this throughout the 3.1 miles. I was thinking about how far I have come and where I want to go. I also took time to think about what I was thankful for and how great it was going to feel to finish this race. In the last 2 minutes I sprinted for the finish line. Once I crossed the line I was completely out of breath and trying to catch it. After a few minutes my breathing returned to normal. I took a momment to think about what I had just accomplished. This 3.2 run was a great milestone in the long process that lies ahead.

I recommend it to anyone. Some of the contestants ran and walked and some ran the whole time. Reguardless of how they chose to execute this race we all shared one thing in common.. we all completed 3.1 miles together.

Week 2

This posting is a little overdue. Busy week!!

During Week 2 I have began focusing on Nutrition. I have given up my daily doses of 3-4 Diet Mountain Dews and replaced them with (ahh Refreshing Water). LOL
It took me a few days to really start drinking a lot of water but my body began to crave it. So I'm officially a water drinker. This week I thought I would share 5 tips I have learned since I started the Be A Loser Journey. I think these tips are 5 good ones.

Tip # 1 - Eat every 3-4 hours-

Tip # 2- Eat whole foods,Avoid processed & fast foods! Shop the perimeter of the grocery store for fresh produce, meat and dairy.

Tip # 3 - Read labels- If somethings says it's Fat free it is probably loaded with lots of Sugar.

Tip # 4- Drink water - Water makes your metabolism burn calories 3% faster.

Tip # 5 - Sleep - Avoid eating the evening meal too late in the day No later than 2-3 hours of bedtime. ( My new rule is not to eat anything after 9Pm. So far so good!

Hopefully some of you may find these tips useful. Week 3 I'm running my first 5K. I'm actually really Excited and Really Nervous. I'm hoping to post a few pictures of myself and my team. Stay tunned till next time!

It is not enough to take steps which may some day lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



I'm almost to the End of Week 1 out of 24 for the Be a Loser competition. I thought I would take time to share some information on some fun gadgets I have recently been introduced to. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is a frequent gym member.

Gadget # 1 - Skullcandy - Smoking Buds- These are the most amazing headphones for your ipod or iphone. I was recommended these headphones by one of my team mates. THANK YOU Clarissa! These headphones have amazing sound and the best thing about them is they stay in your ears during your entire workout!I didn't have to fidget with them once. I picked up my skullcandy at a Sporting Goods Store locally. You can also find Skullcandy at Target, Amazon, ebay or you can try your local sport store too. Prices range from ($ 10-35).

Gadget # 2- Polar heart rate Monitors- I was introduced to Polar watches a few months ago. The great thing about these watches is not only are the comfortable they come with a heart rate monitor. This watch also helps track the calories you have burned. I have a Polar F4 with a chest transmitter and I love it. I would highly recommend this watch to anyone who is interested in tracking calories burned during your workout. For More information you can go to

Saturday wraps up week one. One more day of waking up at 4:14.. woo hooo..


Day 1

Today was my first day of the Be a Loser program. I didn't get much sleep last night because of all of the anticipation. I felt like I was back in middle school again. I thought back to the last day of summer break before I would start school. I would be so excited thinking of all my friends I would see and the new teachers and classes I would begin. This morning I felt like I was in middle school again. Even at 25 I still get excited for the Start of a New Beginning.

Week 1 day 1: Today we did our first assessments: sit and reach, sit ups, push ups and we did our blood pressure and body weight. Tomorrow I will put to the test if I am in fact a true morning person. I will be waking up at 4:15 .. Yikes.. I better get to bed very early tonight!

Last thing I will leave you with for the day is a quote we were told at the kick off celebration this past Saturday.
The Man who says he Can and The Man who says he can't are both RIGHT.