Week 4 and 5

Week 4 and 5 have been busy in my personal life and I'm trying to stick with good eating habbits and working out. This Blog I thought I would share a little bit of what's been going on with me.

During week 4 our team had an outing to go Rollerskating. It was the night before my birthday and we thought it would be a great way to get some Cardio in and enjoy eachothers company outside the gym. When we arrived we all realized it was a very busy night.In Stafford Virginia Cavilar Rollerskating Rink was the place to be if you were a kid. That Saturday Cavilar Skating Rink was holding an All Nighter.. The rink was open from 8pm- 6am. We arrived around 9:30pm and left around 1am. We burned some calories that night. The bad part of the night was when my Trainer from the Be a Loser program went flying over some guy who stopped in the middle of the rink and landed on her elbow. She is now in a cast for 3 weeks. ( The guy was so rude he didn't even stop to help her up.) Sorry Stephanie!!!!

Week 5 was a short 1 day meeting with our Trainer. Due to the injury that Saturday Night Stepahnie had to go to the Dr.s. On Tuesday I found out my Fiance Vinny's Aunt Cindy passed away. We headed up to New York to be with his family.

Week 4 and 5 I dropped a few pounds but maintained my weight for the most part. Things are still going really good. I have lost over 20 inches all around and am still going strong.. Look out for the next posting for week 6 and 7!


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