Week 4 and 5

Week 4 and 5 have been busy in my personal life and I'm trying to stick with good eating habbits and working out. This Blog I thought I would share a little bit of what's been going on with me.

During week 4 our team had an outing to go Rollerskating. It was the night before my birthday and we thought it would be a great way to get some Cardio in and enjoy eachothers company outside the gym. When we arrived we all realized it was a very busy night.In Stafford Virginia Cavilar Rollerskating Rink was the place to be if you were a kid. That Saturday Cavilar Skating Rink was holding an All Nighter.. The rink was open from 8pm- 6am. We arrived around 9:30pm and left around 1am. We burned some calories that night. The bad part of the night was when my Trainer from the Be a Loser program went flying over some guy who stopped in the middle of the rink and landed on her elbow. She is now in a cast for 3 weeks. ( The guy was so rude he didn't even stop to help her up.) Sorry Stephanie!!!!

Week 5 was a short 1 day meeting with our Trainer. Due to the injury that Saturday Night Stepahnie had to go to the Dr.s. On Tuesday I found out my Fiance Vinny's Aunt Cindy passed away. We headed up to New York to be with his family.

Week 4 and 5 I dropped a few pounds but maintained my weight for the most part. Things are still going really good. I have lost over 20 inches all around and am still going strong.. Look out for the next posting for week 6 and 7!


My First 5 k

I am very proud to say that I ran my first 5K last Saturday March 6, 2010. All week prior to the run I had been so nervous. I kept imagining what the path would look like. Would I be going up hill or down hill. Would I fall down and get injured or pull a muscle. These thoughts ran through my head all week.

I had decided on friday that I had only one goal that I wanted to achieve during the race which was to run the entire race. Now let me first say I did not sprint nor did I run very fast but I never gave up I kept jogging along. The first lap was the easiest and then slowly my time kept increasing and it became a bit harder on my legs.Each mile I became more confident that I was going to run the entire 5k.

Before we ran we had a guest speaker come out to the race. The woman who won 1st place for the BE A LOSER competition in 2009. She looked Fantastic. She was sharing momments from her experience last year and also gave some great motivating quotes. One Piece of advice that stuck with me was that during the run she took time to reflect back on what got her to this point. I thought about this throughout the 3.1 miles. I was thinking about how far I have come and where I want to go. I also took time to think about what I was thankful for and how great it was going to feel to finish this race. In the last 2 minutes I sprinted for the finish line. Once I crossed the line I was completely out of breath and trying to catch it. After a few minutes my breathing returned to normal. I took a momment to think about what I had just accomplished. This 3.2 run was a great milestone in the long process that lies ahead.

I recommend it to anyone. Some of the contestants ran and walked and some ran the whole time. Reguardless of how they chose to execute this race we all shared one thing in common.. we all completed 3.1 miles together.

Week 2

This posting is a little overdue. Busy week!!

During Week 2 I have began focusing on Nutrition. I have given up my daily doses of 3-4 Diet Mountain Dews and replaced them with (ahh Refreshing Water). LOL
It took me a few days to really start drinking a lot of water but my body began to crave it. So I'm officially a water drinker. This week I thought I would share 5 tips I have learned since I started the Be A Loser Journey. I think these tips are 5 good ones.

Tip # 1 - Eat every 3-4 hours-

Tip # 2- Eat whole foods,Avoid processed & fast foods! Shop the perimeter of the grocery store for fresh produce, meat and dairy.

Tip # 3 - Read labels- If somethings says it's Fat free it is probably loaded with lots of Sugar.

Tip # 4- Drink water - Water makes your metabolism burn calories 3% faster.

Tip # 5 - Sleep - Avoid eating the evening meal too late in the day No later than 2-3 hours of bedtime. ( My new rule is not to eat anything after 9Pm. So far so good!

Hopefully some of you may find these tips useful. Week 3 I'm running my first 5K. I'm actually really Excited and Really Nervous. I'm hoping to post a few pictures of myself and my team. Stay tunned till next time!

It is not enough to take steps which may some day lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe